Lauren’s Yoga

Lauren’s Yoga

One on One Yoga

Get one on one time with a private yoga class to enhance your existing practice. Give yourself a little bit of “me time.” You are worth it!

Yoga Teacher Training

Similar to using a personal trainer, private yoga classes offer many benefits compared to attending a group public yoga class.

  • The opportunity to focus on personal interests.
  • Addressing any specific health concerns such as reducing stress.
  • Setting specific goals and plans such as increasing flexibility and strength.
  • In a private yoga setting, I gather information about yourself and create a personalized routine based on the information provided.

From there, you will schedule date/time and arrange for a place to start the sessions.

*Prices vary depending on travel time, studio rental, and desired intentions.

Prices range from $80 – $125 a class.

Private yoga sessions are available in my home studio or I can arrange space to use.

At your request, you can combine a private yoga class with a Fascial Stretch Therapy treatment. Combining a private yoga session with FST would be 90 minutes in length.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy