Lauren’s Yoga

Lauren’s Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Investing in employee wellness has been shown to have a huge return on investment including increased job satisfaction and morale, greater productivity and reduced employee turnover.

I provide yoga and wellness based classes for any corporations or businesses across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

All sessions are designed with busy schedules in mind and are often booked during lunch hour times.

Prices vary depending on size of group, travel time and desired class but typically range from $150 – $250 per class.

Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training

Business Benefits

  • Reduces employee turnover due to stress and poor mental health
  • Greater employee productivity
  • Increased workforce morale
  • Inspired community and team building

Employee Benefits

  • Improves focus, concentration and memory
  • Reduces stress and physical tension
  • Relieves head, neck and back strain
  • Increases mood and optimistic perspective
  • Aids posture and flexibility

Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training

Example Offerings

  • Lunch and Learn
    • Meditation
    • Wellness Talks
    • Desk/Chair Yoga
  • Specialized Wellness Workshops
  • Group Yoga Classes
  • Corporate Retreats