Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial stretch therapy is a unique system of manual therapy done on a massage table, wearing athletic clothes. FST assists in mobility and flexibility and is often called “assisted stretching”. This method has proved to be highly successful in the treatment of common neuromyofascial imbalances, disorders and dysfunctions. First developed in the early 1990’s by Anne and Chris Frederick, the method is now recognized for restoring and maintaining healthy neurological, musculoskeletal and fascial systems. This method has fast, long
lasting effects.

Watch video below to get a better idea of what is FST
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60 Min FST treatment $80 +gst
90 Min FST treatment $120 +gst

Treatment packages available upon request. Also mobile treatments available upon request.


“Lauren is a true professional and I am a huge believer now in this kind of therapy. I would highly recommend this for everyone, it’s amazing!” – Craig

My first facial stretch therapy session with Lauren left me feeling shifted in the best ways possible. My nervous system was calmed and my body felt aligned. As a longtime yogi, I was curious how FST would compare to yoga or massage and the results had me feeling like I experienced an incredible combination of both, but even better!  The supportive assists allow me to truly breathe and surrender deeply into the stretch, which isn’t always possible on my own. Lauren’s knowledge, intuitive nature and calming presence only enhance this unique therapy. I can’t recommend a session with Lauren highly enough.” – Rosalyn 

FST Fascial Stretch Therapy