“I have experienced problems with chronic muscle tightness and stiffness well as less frequent nerve issues which have radiated from hip to ankle. I have tried massage therapy and physiotherapy and although I have benefitted from them in the short term, I find that it has only made a noticeable difference in the very short term (measured in hours). By far I have experienced the best and longest lasting results from FST with Lauren. After only a few sessions I experienced a marked decrease in muscle tension that lasts much longer (weeks usually) and since my first treatment have not had a single episode of nerve pain/discomfort!

I have returned to playing sports and vigorous workouts, without worrying about the dreaded muscle tension I would previously experience. Lauren genuinely cares about the people she treats and has worked to tailor treatments to benefit my specific issues. She is obviously very knowledgeable and seems easily able to answer questions and explain very well how the different stretches work in terms I can understand. These treatments are a MUST try!” – Jeff