Hear what Lauren’s students have to say about her yoga classes.

“Three years ago I was introduced to Lauren and through her I was introduced to this thing called yoga.

I was 50 years old, a successful businessman, I had recently had a heart attack and was recovering and was looking for a way to get control over my health and to get to a place of sustainable health. My firsyoga, yoga stretch, yoga poset yoga experience was a private lesson with Lauren and she has a way about her that made me feel like I could get myself back into shape and that it would be fun even. And she shared her own story of having been hit by a car and badly injured and how she healed her body and her confidence through yoga, and I completely believed her, and drew strength from that.

In the past 3 years that I have been practicing Lauren I have been inspired by her, learned from her (she is a gifted teacher) and have always come away from one of her classes feeling physically much healthier and emotionally uplifted and inspired. I used to go to the gym a lot before I learned about yoga through Lauren and now I encourage all my friends to try this thing called yoga, Lauren because it truly is special. This is the way to a truly healthy body and mind and it is fun.Many times I have thought about Lauren in the context of one of the great people, those that are truly gifted, and I know that she is one of them. I feel very lucky to have been introduced to Lauren and to have been her student these past three years.”

– Gord McDougall


Teaching for the

“After a decade long on and off relationship with yoga, I found myself in need of something more to life. I was broken and needed help. I walked into my first class back to be greeted by Lauren Rogelle as the instructor! I pulled her aside to explain my very serious and acute health situation. Putting in mildly I was terrified. She welcomed me with such sincerity, explained the props that I should use and why, she thanked me just for showing up and making the choice to be there. Compassion was oozing out of her and I felt truly heard for the first time in years. After class she checked in again recommending which classes and styles of yoga would work wonders for me. I trusted her completely. I fell in love with yoga and there was no turning back. Lauren has been a dynamic force throughout my journey of physical and emotional recovery, self-discovery, and healing. She is a real life game changer!
Cultivating a deeper relationship with myself and my yoga practice, I needed to know more. I had the privilege of completing my 200hour yoga teacher training with Director Lauren. What an amazing ride that I could not have imagined taking with anyone else!
Lauren is an exceptional educator, inspiring story teller, and a true leader. Her deep passion for sharing her extensive knowledge radiates as she teaches. She is open, raw, authentic, encourages vulnerability and truth which automatically liberates others’.  She is hands on, engaging, intelligent, and shares herself with so much vitality. Lauren is truly captivating as a yoga instructor and educator. She provides such a motivating, clear and organized learning environment with space for students to grow with confidence. She is a real advocate for self-care, awareness, self-love, and honesty. Her support and guidance continue to help me immensely in all aspects of my everyday life on and off my yoga mat.
I am grateful to have met Laruen. I am honored to study with her. It is a privilege to share yoga, friendship, conversation and love.”

  – Jasmine Berry

“Lauren has been my yoga teacher for 3 years now.  I have followed her to whatever yoga studio she works at.  I fell in love with her teaching the very first class I took.  She always has the most thoughtful words and insights to share.There is something about Lauren’s class that almost makes me feel taken care of and loved. Talking with Lauren you know she is giving you her undivided attention and looking deep into your soul almost… Haha I know that sounds funny,  but if you’ve met her you know what I mean and you haven’t then you will see. You will know you are in caring and capable hands.   Every class she does is almost a peice of her and when I leave I feel I have learned something new and grown a little more. I put my best foot forward when I leave yoga.My practise has come so far since I’ve been in her class.  She is teaching the true fundamentals of yoga and I feel that is priceless.  I go to a lot of other yoga classes but I never really learn the art of true yoga really. Ya know?I can honestly say when I cry in savasana at Lauren’s Monday class I know im gonna have a good week.

– Jennie Aartsen