7 Fascial Stretch Therapy Dana


“Thorough and professional - I am very impressed with the technical execution & results - exactly the deep work I need! Thank-you!” – Dana

7 Fascial Stretch Therapy Dana2023-04-18T14:58:09-07:00

4 Fascial Stretch Therapy Gord


“As part of ongoing treatment Lauren listens carefully, uses her knowledge and expertise to evaluate hands-on what is going on, and then implements the treatment strategy while articulating in lay terms what the plan is.

4 Fascial Stretch Therapy Gord2023-04-18T15:01:59-07:00

6 Fascial Stretch Therapy Terry


“Lauren is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. She has given me relief from pain in just one session - I will be seeing her again! Thanks Lauren - I came home feeling wonderful!!! Would love

6 Fascial Stretch Therapy Terry2023-04-18T15:01:15-07:00

5 Fascial Stretch Therapy Heidi


“After the first 3 days following our session, I no longer felt any pain in my neck! I am sure that it was due to your fantastic therapy and I will refer you as well

5 Fascial Stretch Therapy Heidi2023-04-18T15:01:43-07:00

2 Fascial Stretch Therapy Rosalyn


“My first fascial stretch therapy session with Lauren left me feeling shifted in the best ways possible. My nervous system was calmed and my body felt aligned. As a longtime yogi, I was curious how

2 Fascial Stretch Therapy Rosalyn2023-04-18T15:02:22-07:00

1 Fascial Stretch Therapy Craig


“Lauren is a true professional and I am a huge believer now in this kind of therapy. I would highly recommend this for everyone, it’s amazing!” – Craig

1 Fascial Stretch Therapy Craig2023-04-18T15:02:35-07:00

3 Fascial Stretch Therapy Jeff


“I have experienced problems with chronic muscle tightness and stiffness well as less frequent nerve issues which have radiated from hip to ankle. I have tried massage therapy and physiotherapy and although I have benefitted

3 Fascial Stretch Therapy Jeff2023-04-18T15:02:07-07:00
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